24 novembre 2017


Best of #UROP19
Best of #UROP18

Watch the best of #UROP18 and save the date for the next year!
The organising and faculty committees have prepared the best expertises on onco-urology and robotic surgeries with a wellknown and academic panel. Join the 5th Urology Robotic Oncology congress in Paris, October 3rd-4th 2019 #UROP19


DV Radical Prostatectomy for T3

Muscle Invasive Radical Cystectomy with intracoporeal replacement

Robotic simple prostatectomy HBP Millin approach

Transperitoneal DV 3 arms partial nephrectomy

Retro peritoneal DV 4 arms partial nephrectomy or adrenalectomy

DV radical prostatectomy with preservation

Holmium prostate enucleation

Bipolar Bladder resection with NBA plasma

Aqua Beam BPH surgery